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IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to have Java Webstart installed on your machine for these demos to work. Java Webstart automatically downloads and caches the applications on your machine. Once you have downloaded an application, Java Webstart makes the application start up nearly instantly and you can also run the application offline through the JavaWebstart application manager.

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Because Java Web Start runs independently of any browser, you can shut down your browser or surf to another Web page and continue using your application. Applications deployed with Java Web Start do not require a browser interface to operate. To save time later, you can relaunch your desired application anytime from the desktop icon, without powering up your browser again.


Clicking on the icons will automatically take you to the Java WebStart installation page if WebStart is not already installed on your system.

A two dimensional drawing program allowing you to create rectangles, polygons, circles...

The SwingSet Demo
A very swingin' app, this demo shows how Swing can be used to create fun and exciting applications using the Java Foundation Classes.

Military Game
A simple but non-trivial board game.

A Simple NotePad
Shows how a sandboxed application can save and load files, print, and access the clipboard in a safe and secure manner using the JNLP API.  

Application Manager
The Application Manager can easily be launched from a web browser.